Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Weddings, birthdays and christenings

What I learn from this experience of writing a blog, is that you have to really try and write something ever so often, cause you know... those two readers will lose interest pretty soon if you don't write something once in a while.

I have excuses, I really do...I was super busy with work, making cards for friends and family, taking care of Stella, enjoying unsually warm autumn here in Zagreb and somehow I just didn't know what to write that will sound smart enough and still don't know :)

We spent afternoons outside till dark and I have made several great cards and also got several beautiful happy mails from different people and somehow that made my life more rosy, inspite of all the tragic things happening to world right now...My role model replied to my mail, even took time to send thank you card with wonderful gift and what an amateur like me would want more than have her personal hero send gifts :)

I got to meet new lovely girls in this crafting world and I am privileged to call them my friends now....Love to meet them in person!

I will try to write more often and try to enter more challenges but for now I just wanted to share several cards I made during my blog absence.....12072604_409762682555809_6658247607191685057_n 12065555_410386369160107_6079046166109416313_n 12249617_415276405337770_3080650919865610916_n 12219596_413370968861647_1827913237400165519_n


I am especially proud of the last two cause they are made for my best friend's son Christening Day and the last one with bears is made for my parents for their Birthdays (which are accidentally on the same day)!

Love to hear your thoughts, guys...Am I improving? Do let me know! Christmas is coming and I need to make Christmas cards so every yes or no is ever so welcome :)

Till next time,

Love, Majtolina :)

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